Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 29th April 2015

Who would you rather have in your goal, an inexperienced, nervous young lad with tiny hands or a slightly older guy with huge hands and a string of successful cup finals under his belt? I’m using the goalkeeper metaphor as an example of someone protecting your interests, someone dedicated to stopping the problems.

You need experience, you need skills and you need a professional team to support the keeper…

Here at Japanese Knotweed Solutions we consider experience to be vital in our campaign to rid the UK of its most aggressive of invaders.

We don’t send children out to do a ‘mans’ job.

If we have a particularly complex site with a variety of issues we send ‘Team 1’, also known as the ‘A’ team, they’ve been everywhere, done everything and nothing will ‘faze’ them…

We always pair a new lad with someone who will teach and encourage the best from the ‘newby’, they do this not by bullying but instead by explaining and going through the processes so that the new guy understands the process and isn’t just acting like an automaton.

It’s this ‘understanding’ that enables our lads to react in the correct way when something doesn’t go quite as planned.

For example Japanese Knotweed rhizome is often described as going 2 to three metres deep and 7 metres in all directions form the surface growth.

What happens if it doesn’t? What happens when a building is within that 7 metre zone of spread?

Duuuuh – do you stand and scratch your head? Do you get a tape measure and put a peg in the building at exactly 7 metres form the surface growth and dig for victory (I’ve seen this done!).

Our teams are encouraged to realise that Japanese Knotweed is, at the end of the day – a plant. Yes it does some weird stuff, but when all’s said and done it has many of the same characteristics as many of the other trees and shrubs that grow in the UK. It needs moisture, it needs sunlight and its primary function is to spread and reproduce.

It will also take the easiest option when spreading and will grow quickest in the environment that is easiest for it to spread into…what it will not do then… is grow through concrete for fun.

It will NOT see your semi-detached property on the horizon and think – …WHOOPIE I’M GOING TO TRASH THAT HOUSE…

Now don’t get me wrong here, if you have built your semi-detached property on top of actively growing rhizome – then you are going to have some major problems – but if your house was there first and the Knotweed has arrived after the house has been there for 30 years then you will not have too much to worry about as any new growth will find easier ways to spread than through your front room.

Our teams understand these growth habits and will look at your knotweed problems with an open eye to where the plant is most likely to spread. They will ensure that when they excavate to remove the plant – AND – they will not be digging up huge swathes of clean soil

To carry on the earlier metaphor we want you to have a goalkeeper with the hugest of hands and the safest of grips…

So to ensure that your ‘goalkeeper’ is the most competent you can employ we ensure that all our ‘players’ are trained and qualified to the highest of standards – premiership ‘players’ are required to be members of INNSA…

So don’t employ a non-league team, employ a professional team at the highest level and make sure that not only do you win all your matches …but no own goals are scored.

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