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Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 6th April 2022

So…I’ve always tried to teach my kids about budgeting and living within their means.

Look at what you earn, don’t count bonus payments as salary, don’t overspend. Simple economics based on taking out less than you put in.

Save for a rainy day.

Then everything changes.

Goalposts move.

The electricity bill goes up by 50%.

Fuel goes up by 20%.

Supermarket shop goes up by 35%.

Can somebody explain to me what we’ve done to deserve this? And how on earth are young people today supposed to save up to buy a house?

Save up?  – jeez – they can hardly survive from one month to the next without going into debt – how on earth are they supposed to put together a deposit on an ‘averagely’ priced property of £250K …?

I know the ‘bank of mum and dad’ will be raided to fund this next generation of home owners but something’s going wrong somewhere.

I do not consider myself to be wealthy. I don’t consider myself to be poor. We’re somewhere in the middle – yet my children are struggling to make ends meet. They’ve both worked hard and have what would be called ‘good’ jobs …yet their finances don’t work.

Doesn’t seem fair to me?

Having goddamn millionaires as senior politicians doesn’t seem to be a sensible way to run the country? We need people who understand what it means to have £10 left in their pocket two weeks before payday with bills to be settled and rent to pay.

Maybe if we had a bit more understanding at senior levels then these decisions to increase costs for the masses would be a little more carefully managed?

Just saying.


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