Gimme de money…

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 8th May 2019

As I’ve aged there have been certain points when I’ve had blinding flashes of understanding.

Starting at school – when you suddenly realise that you’re really not that special and that goddamit your mother has been lying to you ….and you are actually now going to have to fight for everything.

First girlfriend breaking up with me – love hurts

University – it’s all about who you suck up to – not the quality of your work. If you don’t get on with the right people nothing you do will impress anybody.

Life – doesn’t get any easier as you grow older

Broadband – no matter what upgrade you get the signal will remain the same.

Insurance – sucks.

Women – will always be a mystery to men.

The wealthier you are – the wealthier you will get.

Cars – no matter what car you have, there is always a faster one – (thanks Lamborghini)

Clothes – no matter how many different pairs of jeans you buy – if you’re fat – you’re fat.

Etc etc

My latest revelation is that everything …everything ….is about MONEY.

The ‘money-go-round’ game as it is sometimes referred.

At JKSL we turn over about two and a half million pounds. We invoice about 200K a month and expect to get paid in roughly 30 days. We don’t however get paid in 30 days, we don’t get paid in 60 days and sometimes we still don’t get paid after 120 days or even 180 days.

Not only do some of our customers not pay us for extended periods of time, they also often let these lengthy periods elapse …. then they start arguing about value of works.

But this is because they haven’t been paid by their clients …. who also haven’t been paid by their clients …. who gambled on the Brexit situation having been sorted by now.

This results in us carrying at times some half a million pounds worth of debt.

All it then takes is the perfect some of several big clients not paying you for months on end and you’re carrying the world on your shoulders…

then the economy goes tits up ….

then your wife wants to decorate…

and your daughter wants to move house ….

and the boiler breaks down…

and United keep playing miserable football….

and the broadband is still shit.
Happy days.

Mike C

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