Getting paid for doing nothing….

Getting paid for doing nothing

I’m getting a little sick of hearing stories about people getting paid huge sums of money …. for doing nothing.

Whether it be politicians who are battering the nursing/firefighting/police/army who are asking for pay rises in line with inflation – whilst themselves drawing huge sums in fraudulent expenses.

We have housing companies charging rental incomes in sub-standard dangerous flats whilst using none of the income to improve or make safe the living conditions for the tenants….

We have Wimbledon players who know they are not fit – but if they turn up and manage to play a few games …. they get paid a whopping 35K …. just for turning up. 35 minutes on court… equals…  35 thousand pounds!

People on daft reality programmes getting 50K for being voted most popular by the TV audience. 50 thousand pounds for sitting around on a beach in your underpants and swearing a lot.

An art dealer who is claiming a fee of 14 million for brokering a deal on a painting sold for 210 million. 14 million for a bit of… ‘brokering’. 14 million…. jeez.

What I’m getting at here – is what lesson does this give to the younger generation? I see so many young people that want money, they want fame, they want the cars, the bling, the whole 9 yards …. but they aren’t prepared to work for it.

I know of one young man who made some money by buying and selling trainers on e-bay. He bought them at discounted prices then sold them on at a huge mark up and was doing …’very well thank you…’

All well and good – but then his parents started describing him as the next Richard Branson – using the word… ‘entrepreneur’… and suggesting he would be a ‘millionaire by the time he was thirty’.

I’m all for giving encouragement where it’s due…. but somehow this lad is now convinced that he is a business ‘guru’ and he’s also managed to convince himself that he doesn’t need ‘no education’ because he’s got the ‘gift’….

It’s all come too easy – with no actual work involved – and he’s convinced that he will continue to be a huge success. He’s never actually done any ‘work’ – all he’s done is be a middle man – he hasn’t built anything or come up with a good idea – he’s just been a bit lucky in that he’s living near an outlet that sells cheap trainers.

It’s not exactly rocket science is it…and not exactly a business model that will make millions – it’s just being a market stall holder…. that’s the concept he’s working to.

I often get people who work for me that think they should have a bigger car, more money, extended holidays…. but they don’t want to put the hours of work in to get these perks. I often say to people that the ‘sky’s the limit’ on pay structure with JKSL – if you make me loads of money then I will pay you loads of money…. but on the other hand, if you don’t I won’t….!

I think all these ‘get rich quick’ – schemes that we see on TV will only make us weaker as a society

Kids need to brought back to reality – not reality TV – they need to be thought that hard work gains reward and sitting around on your ass will get you nothing but a fat ass.

Mike C


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