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Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 5th August 2020

Some of you may remember me getting a miniature dachshund about 9 months ago and my describing the chaos that ensued.

To give you an update, she is now my best mate, my ‘go to’ when I’m stressed and my entertainment from the moment I wake to the moment we argue about going to bed.

She greets me in the morning with an uncontrolled wiggle of delight and we start the day with the game of how many times can dad say – ‘have a wee wee’ …before she actually concedes and does the deed. After me saying it about 24 times I’m so desperate to go that it becomes a close call for me to get back in the house and go to the loo without having an accident.

We then go and look at her food bowl which has been refilled… but she needs a ‘treat’ before she eats breakfast. I’ve tried telling her that this is bad for her diet but …unless she gets that tiny bone shaped fishy thing …she will not touch her healthy breakfast …I’m pretty sure if I could read her mind, she’d be saying … ‘dems de rules, human …’

She has been an absolute godsend during lockdown, encouraging walking and playing and chasing …and a non-stop riot of movement throughout the day. She is enthusiastic about everything, never tires …and most of all never has a moody day.

For those of you in two minds about getting a dog –

Best thing I ever did.


Mike C

*obviously this is a massive commitment so don’t get a dog unless you really are prepared to put the hours in and give the dog your full attention 24/7.


Remember, a dog is for life …not just for COVID.

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