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Soooo…had to go down to London this weekend, work thing on Monday with an early meeting. I chose the option of going down to the capital on Sunday thinking this would save me travel time, arriving late afternoon about 4.30.

I checked in and settled in for room service and emptying the mini bar.

Early the following morning I was awoken by the hotel ringing my room and telling me that my car had been broken into.

I jumped up, rushed downstairs (why was I rushing…? …not really sure it made any difference…) – to discover the Audi with broken side window.

The little bastards had broken the window then climbed in, gone through the rear seat and gained access to the boot.

All this I clocked in about three seconds – which was about the length of time it took me to think…??? Why hasn’t the goddamn alarm gone off….??

Now a few of you out there will know that with certain cars our wonderful insurance companies INSIST that you have a tracker fitted. Trackers aren’t cheap, it’s about a couple of grand up front then an annual fee to subscribe to the system.

For those of you that don’t know, this consists of a ‘unit’ hidden somewhere on the car and a ‘transponder’ that you must keep separate from the keys – but take with you every time you drive the vehicle. If you forget your transponder an alert is triggered and you get a phone call from the tracker company.

You then go through a series of passwords and the alert (if false) is stood down.

If it is a genuine alert – they can call the police and if necessary, disable your vehicle if it is being stolen.

All well and good you think – but what actually happens is you get false alarms ALL the time. You jump in your car and nip out for a paper – ALARM. You nip round to your mums – ALARM. You move your car on the drive – ALARM.


I rang the tracker company and discussed this with them and was advised – ‘…it appears the alarm has been jammed and…. switched off…’

So… what is the f’ing point of an alarm that can be switched off by some thieving bastard….ehh??? Tell me…????

Mike C