It occurs to me that the world is a fairly fragile place. All the more so, with the recent lockdown and COVID outbreak.

People are fairly basic in their requirements and much of what we do is down to habit and routine.

Once we break those habits and start to look closer as to why we were doing them in the first place, leads to imbalance and stress.

I’ve lost track of the number of friends and family who when asked ‘how are you?’ have responded with ‘mwuuh – feeling a bit ‘off’ to be honest’ ….

It does make you question everything you’ve been doing.

Sitting in the bloody traffic every morning for two hours then repeating it at the end of the day vs. working from home.

Heading out to the shops for interminable queuing and grumpy sales staff vs. on line shopping

Going through crowded airports and passport control vs. staycations in the wonderful UK.

Crappy supermarket bread vs. homemade sourdough.

Going out and eating mediocre food vs. wonderful home cooking.

Seeing the mother in law vs. being unable to see the mother in law ????

Going out and socialising vs. being locked in with my wonderful wife ????

All of the above leave you feeling a bit ‘off’ ….it’s like we’re part of a social experiment where we are pushed into trying new things …then we all begin to prefer the new normal…then it occurs to people that the old system had its strengths ….and now it’s all been screwed up ….

I think that the human race likes being constrained and forced into routines. Without ‘routine’ we are all a bit …’whoah … we could do anything …we could work from the Maldives …we don’t have to conform to any set standards …we can write our own rules…’

Downside is, that government needs an electorate that conform. They need people that do what they say and pay the required taxes…

I’m seeing a future where the newly released populace start to question absolutely everything.

Tax – me ? Naaah …fuck that for a lark.


Mike mwuhhh C


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