The Four Ages of Man

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Confusion, anger, complacency, grumpiness…I have recently taken a leap into stage four… please welcome Mr. Grumpy.

This means that nothing is quite the way I like it.

Driving back from London last week I encountered every type of prick driver imaginable…whilst of course driving my own car like a complete Angel.

(Note: I have to drive like an angel because all I have to do is even think about speeding and I get pulled over.)

Yet …where are the boys in blue when the motorbike undertakes me at well over 100mph swerving between other vehicles then pulling a wheelie as he hits the main lane ahead.

Where are the cameras when the Renault Megane sits in the outside lane doing 65mph and there is no traffic in the adjacent lanes?

Where are the blue flashing lights when you have a lorry sat on your tail but you can’t go anywhere because of traffic in front?

Don’t even get me started on lane and junction discipline. I’m guessing the current driving test doesn’t include this section in the exam anymore because nobody gives way, and nobody understands that traffic coming from the right has priority.

Maybe it’s the number of foreign drivers on the road all expecting to give way to traffic from the left…??

Hotels, waiters…all suffering from being underpaid and over worked –

the gas board, the electricity board…don’t put me on hold again –

banks…no interest in lending you money till you don’t need it –

politicians…all on the take –

…then we have Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry, The Queen, footballers and footballers’ wives…. aaaarrrggggghhhhh…. all of them come under my banner of overpaid and over exposed….. and all of them want publicity when it suits them…. and ‘their privacy’ when it doesn’t …

…and then we have the ex-employee going on Facebook slagging us off that we can do nothing about.

This is the type of person that uses his children as an excuse for being off work and criticizes the company for not getting him home every night in time to put his boys to bed. He moans and complains all the time and nothing is ever good enough for him – he wants to be paid for every second of his time but expects to go home early whenever it suits him…

These are the sort of morons that are driving the country to rack and ruin.

We have foreign immigrants who would kill to have a decent job working for a modern pro-active company at the fore front of their field. But no …it’s not enough to have a well-paid job with the possibility of advancement… he wants to be mollycoddled and praised every second that he is in work and allowed time to be with his precious family whenever it suits him…and to have a van for his personal use…and never to have to work away from home.

Sorry- shooting is far too good for these type of idiots.

Mike C

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