‘Dier dier’ shouted the commentator – which I obviously heard as ….  ‘dire, dire’ … is it just me or is football crap. I can’t believe how many wasted evenings I’ve had on the settee just waiting and hoping for England to do something remarkable (as in remarkably good….not remarkably dire…) 

What makes it worse is that my wife hates the whole ‘football’ thing. She hates the violence, she hates the supporters, she hates the TV coverage and she hates the huge ridiculous sums of money that gets thrown at these guys….and I’m beginning to think she’s right.

Many years ago I had an incident in Manchester when I was staying at the Lowry Hotel. I was wanting to leave the car park and a Bentley was blocking the main entrance. I went to reception and asked if the car owner could move the vehicle and was told … ‘it’s Mr Ronaldo’s car…’

They then went on to say the Mr Ronaldo was in the bar – I then went upstairs to see Mr Ronaldo and his bouncers drinking at the River Room tables – I went over and said… ‘excuse me – can you please move your car?’


‘excuse me – can you please move your car?’

Nothing again – then he threw the keys on the floor at my feet.

Now I’ve lived this moment many times in my head – and wish that I had picked the keys up and parked his car in the nearby River Irwell .

Unfortunately, one of the staff quickly grabbed the leys and moved the car – and the situation rapidly was diffused.

This does I believe though give insight to the footballer’s mind set. They have been told for years that they are demi-gods and behave just as if they live under a different set of rules to the rest of us.

Now me for instance – when I was selected to play for Derbyshire Schools football some forty years ago – gave my absolute ALL – in EVERY game. I was so honoured to be representing the county that I would have died for the team. If I had ever been lucky enough to carry on and play for club and country, I would have given everything I had at every game…. now forgive me if I’m being harsh but I just DON’T get the impression that this happens with the England Team?

Did one of them really request a Power Bar, during the game??? Duuuhhh

I would just be a lot happier if a little more time was spent on seeing these lads really try and give their all for the country – and a little less time having their hair cut and shaped.

When things start to go tits up – all we get from the commentators is …. ‘Roy Hodgson’s job will be on the line….’

Again forgive me – but Roy bloody Hodgson isn’t actually playing. He’s just the old duffer who will get blamed when England get knocked out.

Great comments from some of the ‘experts’ last night by the way;

‘England have totally dominated the game in every way ….apart from scoring’

Sorry I thought that was the point?

Mike C


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