Fight for your right …

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 9th September 2020

I occasionally liken myself to a boxer.

Pre-fight – I’m bouncing around, full of energy, the music’s blasting out ‘eye of the tiger’ ….

Round one – I’m punched, I’m battered, I’m on the ropes, then the bell rings ….and I make it to my corner and collapse.

Round two – I make it out of the corner but the opposition guy is all over me. Uppercut, gut punch, maybe one slightly below the belt… then I’m on the ropes facing a barrage of head shots…. but still I make it to the next round.

This goes on and on until the final round.

Final round, I’m bloodied, I’m cut, I’m broken …. but I’m still standing…the bell rings and the referee has to decide.

Have I won, have I lost …or is it a draw?

So – take the above – but make it…


Round one – trying to win a tender

Round two – agreeing a price

Round three – winning the job

Round four – start on site

Round five – unexpected problems

Round six – finishing the job

Round seven – agreeing completion

Round eight – completion report

Round nine – application for payment

Round ten – waiting for payment

Round eleven – chasing the payment

Round twelve – finally getting paid.


Honestly, Sylvester Stallone had it so easy.

Adrianne …Adriiiiiaaaannnnne….

Mike C

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