Festival 2017 – 15 years of Japanese Knotweed Solutions

15 Years of japanese Knotweed Solutions

We have been throwing ideas around the office as to how we can ‘top’ this year’s seminar ‘The Others’ held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester in May. The most popular idea generated by a certain Ms Hardy is …a festival.

Think Glastonbury but instead of bands …think invasive non-native species specialists …and speakers from around the world?

Next year will be the 15th year that Japanese Knotweed Solutions will have been trading so we are thinking of making this a big ‘do’…

We’re thinking a three-day event held in a Marquee on or near to the Haddon Estate nearby Bakewell in Derbyshire – over a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday –

  • Tuesday would be a site walk and getting ‘hands on’ with some invasive management techniques (perhaps installing some MeshTech or using a direct injection gun) and including visits to the recently rhododendron cleared woodland on the Haddon Estate – with discussions on technique and various chemical strategies used.
  • Wednesday river walk and hands on with some Himalayan balsam clearance and crayfish management techniques then guest speakers followed by barbecue and line dancing
  • Thursday would be visits to successful projects and maybe visiting a few less than successful projects carried out by ‘others’…finishing off the event with a curry and a few beers in Manchester.

All of these ideas are subject to change – but the basic premise is to get all our favourite clients and colleagues together for a less ‘formal’ get together. Having held these type of gatherings for a few years now I realise that my favourite part of the event is usually the evening before or after the actual ‘event’ when I get to chat to the speared without the formality of being in front of a large audience. Everyone tends to chat more openly and topics of conversation tend to be far more open and less ‘stilted’….so this is what I would like to see happen in 2017.

There will be new chemicals being tested this year, as well as initial feedback from Network Rail on the MeshTech trials. New legislation will obviously be impacted by the exit from Europe to we hope to have speakers who can keep everyone up to speed…

We shall keep everyone up to speed as speakers are confirmed and the event details get finalised


Mike C


0161 723 2000