Driverless Cars….

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 13th January 2016

There are few things in life that are as enjoyable as driving a perfectly tuned car along a twisting turning road using accelerator and gears to get the best out of the vehicle. Man and machine working in perfect harmony. The boys in blue have done a fairly decent job of ruining this experience by hiding behind walls and jumping out on the unsuspecting motorist and zapping them with speed guns….fining and adding points to your licence with relish.

To me – they are missing the point.

Accidents aren’t caused just by speed, they are generally caused by somebody miss judging velocity into a corner or by simply driving like a dick. But how many of these ‘d**ks’ do you see getting stopped by the police…none, you just don’t….because the police aren’t set up to catch this sort of idiot, they’re set up to catch the middle class tax paying, hard worked business man trying to get from A to B fast enough to make his business profitable ….easy prey.

These guys (like me) have been brought up to respect the law and to kowtow to anybody wearing a uniform…so we pay up, we slow down for a few miles then get back into the habit or earning a living. In most cases these guys aren’t… ‘bad drivers’… (apart from the odd nutter taking a call on his mobile without using hands free)… Bad drivers are the drunken, uninsured, non-road tax paying idiots that always seem to get away scott free – go out and catch them please Mr Policeman.

So already my little bit of enjoyment is being eroded by knowing that on any journey that I do – I could easily lose my licence simply because I’m running late and need to put my foot down a bit. Not happy with this curb on my enthusiasm for driving some idiot is now suggesting…’driverless cars’.

Driverless f*****g cars…?

How about calling it a… ‘lifeless life…’

How about we take everything that we enjoy doing in life and get some flippin machine to do it for you?

This is all about ‘The Establishment’ making us do things that ‘they’ want us to do. The rich knobs that rule the Country don’t actually like driving…because…they don’t ever actually do it….as they have a chauffeur called Rodney who runs them everywhere.

Somebody somewhere has told them that the ‘plebs’ who do all the actual work in the country …are rapidly killing themselves in high speed crashes which happen due to their inability to afford a chauffeur so they’ve decided that driverless cars are the answer.

After all…if all us plebs can’t be trusted to drive ourselves and keep killing each other …who for f***s sake is going to cut their lawns, clean their toilets…..or get rid of their Japanese Knotweed problems.

Driverless bloody cars…



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