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Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 4th May 2016

Stick a bunch of competing businesses in a room and expecting them to ‘get on’ isn’t really a recipe for success is it?

So when these companies have different opinions – why is anyone surprised?

If everybody thought the same – or even acted in the same way – what a boring world it would be.

‘Life’ thrives on challenge and invention – all of which require different people to have different approaches – without these different approaches many of life’s problems would just never have been sorted.

The INNSA steering group are having a bit of a rough time at the moment because several of the board disagree over some of the fundamental standards. It’s a little like school playground with the various characters pointing and sticking their tongues – yet it’s not something to get in a panic about – it’s through these type of squabbles…. that something good will be produced.

I’ve been reading a book recently titled ‘The New Wild’ by Fred Pearce which basically ridicules and questions everything that I do work wise – in fact everything that I do …ever. It’s an interesting read …and well worth a look even if it’s just to get an alternate perspective on the whole ‘invasive species’ issues.

In a nutshell Pearce argues that invasive non-native species are nature’s way of redressing the harm done by man. The space that is left over after we have developed land – built houses or offices – is often damaged beyond repair and it is in these areas that invasive non-native species get a foothold. Pearce argues that without these type of hardy invasive plants – these areas would remain barren and subject to abuse by fly tipping and perhaps erosion. He goes on to state that this is mother earths ‘salve’ to our troubled world and instead of eradicating these plants we should glory in their ability to survive in such harsh conditions?

As I’ve stated, I am open to different opinions – and much of Pearce’s book makes sense – however I do believe that many of his arguments are flawed as without man’s intervention much of our biodiversity would be lost.

Going back to INNSA – I still believe that the benefits of the Trade Body out way any petty arguments between members and hope that the greater good can out way the squabbles.

Different ideas are good – just so long as in the end we do it my way*.


Mike C

Nb * Joke.

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