Did ya ever wonder….?

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 19th February 2020

Did you ever wonder why invasive plants have suddenly become a problem?

Your mum and dad never had these issues, did they?  Mum and dad just found a house they liked the look of ….and they bought it.

Nowadays you have to check for the house having ‘green credentials’…double glazing, underfloor heating, solar panels, low carbon footprint, insulation etc. etc.

Plus; what is the risk of flooding?  What are the pollution levels like?  Are there any major roads nearby?  Will there be any new building going on, any new housing or industrial developments?  Are there any trees with preservation orders?  Maybe there’s an asylum offering quarantine to new virus sufferers?

……and of course, not forgetting …. you need to check for any invasive species …..

Life was much easier for our parents ….and of course …everything was cheaper…and better built.

Mike C

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