Desperate to be liked…

Social shares

Social media…what a load of old bo***cks.

We never had social media when I first set up in business and we managed all right. In fact we managed very well thank you…so why the hell do we suddenly feel left out if we don’t get ‘liked’ on bloody Facebook or Linked in.

In fact are Facebook and Linked in …. ACTUALLY… THE SAME BLOODY THING….

In my day (cue violins) – the closest you ever got to ‘social media’ was being ‘social me dear’ at the pub. This involved endless visits to lap dancing bars and strip clubs with contracts managers and quantity surveyors to ensure that you got on tender and approved supplier lists…. I hated it *…

These sort of goings on have all been quite rightly binned – for being sexist and misogynistic as well as obviously open to blackmail and inappropriate work relationships based on dodgy deals struck over drunken behavior…. yet somehow you did at least know where you stood.

Nowadays I’m told that I must have a ‘Twitter profile’ and a ‘Linked in’ account as well as having a Company Facebook page. When I say I’m ‘told’ i mean that my advisors (who look about 11 years old) tell me that without said ‘profiles’ …I don’t actually exist …and will never get any work.

At what point did all this happen?

At what point did I stop going to see strippers and start seeing Tweeters???**


Mike ‘dinosaur’ Clough

*…this may be a lie

** …I’m now thinking some sort of combined stripper/twitter account could be an interesting way forward…???


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