Deceitful behaviour

Deceitful behaviour

I have a new theory about how to be successful – if you can’t do it honestly then it appears to be acceptable to lie. 

I’m thinking about the Volkswagen fiasco or maybe David Cameron’s recent bleating about his finances.
Things are looking complicated; things are looking a bit tough…I know…let’s just…lie…
I’m wondering if it’s a generational thing?

…are the ‘young folk’ more predisposed to telling the odd ‘porky pie’ ….or is it just the society we live in?
I’m getting to a situation where I just don’t believe anybody anymore.

My car has recently had problems with its brakes – with the discs warping due to the high temperature – the garage, when challenged were all … ‘ooo that’s never happened before?’ …senior staff claimed they had …’never heard of this’…yet …with only a little ‘Google-ing’ one can find forums and discussions where this is a well-known phenomenon.

So Mr Audi dealership you’re either lying or stupid? Which is it?

I ordered some books from Amazon recently which I needed to complete a presentation that I was working on. I only mention the presentation because the requirement for these journals was time dependent. On the Saturday on which I was due to receive the delivery I waited patiently for the slot of between 11 and 12 – then at 11.55 I got a text that said… ‘you have now received your delivery in your letter box’ …

I chased up the delivery and eventually was told that the driver was nearby and I would have my delivery…‘soon’…
He also explained that often the drivers say deliveries had been… ‘made’… when they were actually only … ‘nearby or in the vicinity’.
So…lying then…?

My daughter’s ex-boyfriend couldn’t string two sentences together without lying. He had a life which was totally dependent on nobody ever trying to check any of the crap that fell out of his mouth. Walter Mitty eat your heart out this d**k couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it….

So …lying again…

Ex members of my site staff telling me they couldn’t come in on a Friday as their child was poorly or grandma died, or they have a cancer scare or have been kicked out of home by their wives/girlfriend/boyfriend/drug dealer…

Lies all of it.

Child wasn’t poorly, grandma was off skiing, cancer scare was a boil on their arse …and they get kicked out of home every Friday for being pissed – none of which gives them a decent reason for not being in work…hence they no-longer work for us.

Nothing pisses me off more than lying – and nothing diffuses a situation quicker than an honest answer accepting the error and apologising.
So can we please stand up for truth and integrity?

It works on so many levels… and is far less complex to keep up…

Mike C


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