Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 7th July 2021

I’ve got to admit to being more than a little confused about the rules around mask wearing and travel.

You wear a mask to enter a restaurant, then take it off when you sit down. You then sit next to people without masks …but… if you need the loo …you put your mask back on again.

Really? ….and this has scientific facts to support this does it? Does it really though ….reaaaalllly?

You wear a mask to go to your football match, then you can take it off when you sit down. You have a limited number of people sat at your football match …. unless it’s a UEFA final when all bets are off and anybody can come from all over the world bringing whatever variant of COVID is locally active.

You can snog your work colleague without a mask on …but only if you want to get divorced.


I used to think the anti-vaxers were all bonkers.

I’m beginning to see that some of their points are valid.


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