Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 10th August 2022

As I’ve got older, I’ve realised that I have set myself up to have a very complex, busy life. I’ve realised that every decision that you make has knock on effects later in life that are then very hard to change.

Life becomes like a hamster on a wheel, the faster you go, the faster you have to go to keep up with the fast wheel that you’ve just made go faster…

I’d quite like to just stop the wheel and get off. But you can’t. The wheel is everything that you do and everything that you have …so if you get off the wheel…it all goes.

My business deals with the eradication of invasive species. It’s been a very successful business and continues to be the leader in the field …but there is a problem. If somebody has an invasive species and you resolve the issue – then …they don’t need you anymore.

Bye bye, thanks for the excellent service.

But the business has grown, and you have a bigger team, and you have more vehicles, and you have more health and safety courses to send people on, and your insurances go up, and you need more phones and more computers …

…and the wheel just goes faster.

But what about me personally. Because the business has grown and the income levels have gone up, you get a better car and you do work on the house and because you’re working harder you deserve a better holiday, and you want to help the kids get a house …

…and the wheel just goes faster.

What I’m thinking is … I need to make cheese…or maybe wine…or whisky

Something that takes ages to mature …and your day involves wandering down to the maturing facility and testing the cheese (wine or whisky) then saying …not ready yet….and you go back and read a book on the veranda.

Get rid of the cars, vans, computers, offices…. ok keep the team because you like most of them…but they have new roles like cheese roller, cheese packer, cheese finance….

Wait though –

We need to expand, we need to deliver the cheese, we need cheese marketing, and a cheese blog, and I like my car, so I’ll keep that, and you need finance because cheese takes a long time to mature …

Hang on, hang on …we’re back on the wheel…. it’s just a wheel of cheese.


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