Clients eh? …who’d have em??
I …of course… am joking, where would I be without my wonderful clients.

Just once or twice though, I do think …. ‘bloody hell – this guy is a pain in the arse’…

Japanese knotweed is a difficult plant to get rid of…OK… so we all understand this …that’s why companies like Japanese Knotweed Solutions exist.

It’s difficult to kill with chemicals and can take years of spraying to fully eradicate. It grows from the tiniest of fragments and has an incredible rate of growth. It also survives in the most unfavorable conditions and can grow on almost any type of soil…

So, when a site gets a little bit of ‘re-growth’…. why do certain clients get so bolshie about it…?

Your site is warrantied, your site is covered by every type of paperwork available. It’s insurance backed its checked and logged and re-visited regularly…. that’s why we do what we do…that’s why you pay us to go back and check…

…we go back, we check and then we eradicate.

Yet we have people that refuse to pay us… because there has been a minor issue.

We have people that say – ‘your told us you would remove all of the Japanese knotweed from our site but there are two suspicious red shoots in the far corner of the site* (nowhere near the area that we excavated)’…I’m withholding 50K quid… until there is never any re-growth ever again….

This is a little like buying a car, but not paying for it, the seller tells you that the brakes might squeak in the first 10,000 miles or so…

…. you then drive off in the car and say…. ‘ooo the brakes are a bit squeaky’… I’m not paying you until they don’t squeak anymore…

Is it me or is this just a little unreasonable.

Sorry clients most of you are more than reasonable and most of you pay your bills on time – but just occasionally (you know who you are) … you try my patience.


Mike C


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