Christmas party poopers…

It was the Japanese Knotweed Solutions Christmas party on Friday …and it was the first ever…. that I didn’t attend.

Now to many of you this will not be a big thing. He missed the Christmas party – so what – no big deal.

Well business owners …. let me tell you something that not many people are aware of.

‘He that misseth the Christmas party does not give a flying fuck about the company’.

It’s a little something I’ve picked up over the 35 or so years that I’ve owned a business. People that don’t make an effort to come to the annual ‘do’ …. are generally the people that don’t make an effort with ANYTHING.

Don’t get me wrong – people do have genuine reasons for being absent, and I forgive those people. I myself had a stomach bug last week which completely laid me out for a few days and the thought of being out eating and drinking was more than my body could have taken – plus I didn’t want to wipe out my team by passing on any germ or virus that I was carrying.

But …those people that just think ‘naaah I’m not going’.

Those people that think… ‘you know what… I just can’t be arsed going out with work’….

…. those people are your ‘terrorists’.

What are… ‘terrorists’ ….do I hear you ask?

These are the people that sit within your organisation – who smile and nod whenever you ask them anything…. but behind your back they do nothing but moan and complain.

They slag everybody off but then-pretend to be everybody’s best friend.

They are the first person out of the door at five o’clock and the last person in first thing in the morning.

These are the people that won’t be at your Christmas party.

Take my advice – get rid of them.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Happy festive period.

Mike C


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