Business Gurus…

Every fifth or sixth contact from ‘Linked-in’ is somebody who thinks they can ‘transform’ my business and motivate my team. Each one of these business ‘gurus’ is unshaven, with glasses, a balding head and they usually have a slightly ‘jaunty’ look on their face.

These pictures are meant to say ‘…look at me, I’m so chilled at being a business guru, I know everything about business and I’m here to help you… be as successful as me…’

Yet they also manage to come across as smug bastards.

Can I ask a question though please?

If you’re so fucking clever and so fucking successful ….why oh why would you still be working??
If you’re half as clever as you think you are… surely you would have retired somewhere hot and sunny with a huge pot of money that you made from being super successful…??

Or…is the truth somewhat different?

Are you actually a struggling divorcee who thought that having an affair with someone you’re ‘coaching’ was a good idea… then your partner found out and low and behold you’re living out of a suitcase trying to make ends meet by selling yourself as a business genius when in fact….you’re not.

Just saying.

Mike C


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