Box Sets

So here is my theory about box sets.  Let’s face it, the art of editing a film has died.

This first came to my attention in the ‘Riviera’ series where the main character was seen walking up some stairs, down the same stairs, across the dining room then into the kitchen, getting a drink then walking back up the stairs again.

I had randomly been watching the clock and noticed that this high action sequence had taken 15 minutes and had achieved exactly nothing in plot, nothing in dialogue and had zero interest ….not even a bit of gratuitous nudity.

This then became an obsession of mine; watching various programs packed and sold as box sets – over a period of say 12 hours ….which, carefully edited, would have produced a film of about an hour and a half.

I’ve then begun to notice the adverts that accompany these box set sales packages.

The same bloody things rammed down our throats in every break between programs – bloody Volvo – I’m so used to having these cars pushed at me that I now feel they are part of the plot of the program.  The cinematography on the Volvo adverts is often far better than the box set that they introduce…in fact the adverts are shorter and better.

So I’m fairly convinced that the people that sell these box sets and sell the advertising must think we are all morons.  Morons sitting playing on our phones only half watching the programs and only concentrating when it’s adverts time (‘Volvo’  ….said in a Swedish accent …) …

Well can I, for one, strike back against this apathetic programming and ask for the return of editing.

The return of dialogue that actually adds to the plot.

The reduction in the use of the word ‘fuck’ which appears to be used as a verb by many writers.

The return of action that isn’t CGI and a return to old fashioned values where the hero wins and the bad guys all get what they deserve.

Perhaps some simpler plot lines that do make sense and please stop kidnapping children and making us all feel uneasy.

Maybe a few less women getting badly treated and maybe a few happy family scenarios where the dad didn’t do it….

Mike C


0161 723 2000