Are you bored?

Bored of TV, bored of NETFLIX, bored of Sky, bored of Marvel movies bored of the X men, bored bored bored…..

Do you spend a lot of time on your phone? Instagram, Facebook ? Are you glued to the screen every minute of the day..?

Maybe it’s just sensory overload?

We get way tooooo much stuff pushed at us all the time and our brains are just fried from coping with it all.

I’m not immune to this – I know I watch a lot TV. I always have.

Form an early age I watched movies on a Sunday afternoon – John Wayne, Fred Astaire, Jimmy Cagney, Steve McQueen – you had to clear your afternoon, they started at 3pm and if you missed it ….that was it till the film was shown again probably two or three years later.

Nowadays EVERYTHING is available instantly and I’m pretty sure its ruing some of the pleasure in anticipation and desire that used to fire me up and get me interested.

I feel like I’m watching so much crap at the moment I’m considering going through a detox.

Aquaman – crap
Captain Marvel – crap
Instant family – crap
Fighting with my family – crap
Green book – crap
If Beale Street could talk – crap
Ant man and the wasp – crap
Bohemian Rhapsody – crap
Cold pursuit – crap
Any Avengers movie – crap
Killing Eve – crap
Gentleman jack – crap
Pretty much all Netflix stuff apart from ‘Stranger Things’ – crap

Every new production seems designed to bring a new minority group to the fore.

I’m sorry though TV and film producers – just because you have an actor from a minority group as the lead, or a story about some sort of ‘ism’…. be it sexism or racism or whatever …..unless it’s well written and well-acted it won’t be watchable no matter how noble the cause.

It now appears that every film should also be a ‘12’ certificate ….and there shall be:

– No nudity
– No violence
– No racism
– No nothing of anything
– No plot
– No ending

….but always enough to ensure that a follow up is made which is even worse.

Can I suggest that we all go back to reading books and just turn everything off until somebody is writing some decent plot lines.

Mike C – bored.


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