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I don’t know whether it’s an age thing but I’m finding myself bored with most of what’s going on in the world. It’s all way too predictable – and whenever you get a sniff of something potentially interesting – it lets you down.

I was quite excited by Obama becoming president, thinking to myself ‘this could shake things up a bit …’ …. but did it? …. not really. What would you pinpoint as the legacy of Obama other than being the first black president? I was hoping for a resolution to discrimination- maybe some deep cleansing of the obviously repugnant racism in some sections of the police force in the US. A better society for everyone??

Brexit – there was something that shocked and surprised me. Yet here we are however long after we voted to leave Europe and the most likely thing to happen is a second referendum – or a third or a fourth …. or do we carry on repeating the exercise until we actually all vote to stay in the European community because nobody can figure out how to leave…??

TV programmes – along comes ‘Westworld’ series one – which I enjoyed …but series two I couldn’t make any sense of …and just found myself thinking that the writers didn’t know which direction they wanted the story to go in. Had the second series just been written because the first was a commercial success? Nobody had a plot …but somebody green lighted the budget.

The rest of TV seems bent on abusing women and children and taking down every boundary of good taste and decency that we have. How about we have a series based around a man being kept in a cellar and tortured or an elderly person being abducted rather than a child …that would be novel?? The most exciting thing that the papers had to say at the weekend was that ‘Frasier’ the most successful sitcom ‘ever’ – was being re-booted. Is that the best we can do …??? Re boots of ‘Will and Grace’ and ‘Frasier’ …jeez.

Cars – used to thrill and excite me but somehow the roads we have and the volume of traffic on them have reduced every journey to a traffic jam. Yet somehow you know every time you press the accelerator there’s a camera or a police speed trap ready to take your money and give you penalty points.

Music – I’m driving around listening to Led Zeppelin – how the fuck did that happen. Surely something better should be hitting my eardrums. I never listen to the radio anymore because it’s shite – pubescent presenters talking crap and thinking they’re funny when in truth they just need to grow up a bit and realise that selfies and the whole associated crap involved in self-promotion is just soooooo fucking boring.

Women – I used to enjoy the opposite sex in friendly and mostly appropriate way. Now I feel that I cannot say or do anything for fear of causing some politically incorrect upheaval. I constantly think twice or even thrice before saying anything that might remotely be deemed sexist. This means most of the time I just don’t talk to women …

Meat – I’m kinda not enjoying my food as much anymore. Both my daughters are vegetarian and one is vegan. We’ve even got a vegan dog in the family. I understand what it’s all about and I can see the reasoning behind their decisions and I’m immensely proud of both of them. But it leaves me feeling a bit guilty every time I munch down on a steak.

The Royal family – holy crap have I had enough of them ALL. Big headline yesterday Meghan gives kiss to husband after polo game. ‘After polo game’ – well whoop de fucking do – really…. really ….is this NEWS?

All I’m saying is let’s have a punk revolution again please.

Can we all do something a bit more ‘out there’ …


Perhaps I’m just a dinosaur still walking the earth when really, I should be extinct??

Mike C