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As a business owner, do you ever get fed up with being messed about? In the current world, it appears that the employers have no power to do anything …about anything.

We are told that we can’t just ‘fire’ people we have to go through a lengthy disciplinary procedure and then ‘prove’ that someone can be let go. One warning, another warning, a final warning …all interspersed with training and encouragement. If these warnings are on file for longer than twelve months they are expunged and the process starts all over again.

Do you not find though that some people just use this to take the piss? It’s as though they put their cock ups in a diary – then after twelve months they think that they can mess you about a couple more times and still not feel threatened…?

Then…. as the business expands you try and get some new blood – some new members for the team – and it just seems impossible. People come to interview and accept the job – then they just don’t turn up for work?

Why would anyone accept a job then not have the common courtesy of telling you that they have accepted something else instead? Don’t worry – I understand if you’ve been offered more money – that’s fine – just bloody tell me…. rather than leaving me with my thumb up my arse waiting for you to turn up.

Or….you get somebody who at interview appears great – he has all the right experience – all the right qualifications …. BUT …it turns out that he is also a serious drug user. Previous employers know about this, but aren’t allowed to say anything (human rights) ….so the druggie just walks into his next job and is employed until somebody notices or it’s flagged up in a random test.

I’m beginning to feel that anybody who is qualified and yet still unemployed must have something wrong with them. There is nobody left in the job pool that doesn’t have issues – whether its alcohol/drugs/family problems…. or simply an inability to get up in the morning.

Then you have the problem of the people you let go – then going on social media and slagging you off. Nothing you can do – you have to take it – Facebook wont remove offensive comments as they feel it is a genuine reflection of the public perception of your business…. yet it’s just some loser who has asked all his mates to have a pop at you.

How about as business owners we get some sort of blacklist together?? I know, I know…it won’t be allowed…

…. but wouldn’t it be great to have a list somewhere of people that are just time wasters.

We could save each other serious amounts of time by highlighting some of these idiots – and maybe if they knew there was some sort of penalty for fucking employers around…maybe just maybe …. they would think twice about some of the crap they pull????


Mike C