Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 26th October 2016

A bit of a buzz word with the fashionista’s – bespoke suits, bespoke shoes, bespoke lingerie, houses, cars …etc etc… you name it, you can bespoke it.

So how about Japanese knotweed Solutions – what can we offer that’s bespoke?

Well we can do pretty much anything that you fancy?

Unlike ‘other’ companies who will try and push you down a certain route for your knotweed management we will always tailor our methodologies to suit your best requirements.

Some companies will always suggest direct injection as their favoured option (it’s all they can do…) other companies will recommend soil screening (they’ve bought a small screener and it costs them 500 quid a month)…some companies will only suggest chemical treatment with a back pack sprayer (they’ve got a lad who is qualified….)

Japanese Knotweed Solutions ltd offer a different approach in that we will assess your site and look at the various options that are available – then give you the benefit of our experience. This will often entail a variety of approaches in different areas of the site.

Area A at the main entrance night be better removed and taken to licensed landfill whilst Area B at the back of the site can be buried beneath a mound of landscaped material. Areas C,D and E might all be sprayed with translocated herbicide whilst the remaining areas are injected….

Often there is no ‘single’ solution and a variety of methods will be employed – all to ensure that you get a ‘bespoke’ service.

We will then tailor a warranty package to your exact requirements – 3 years sir? 5 years sir? 10 years no problem….

Only the best is good enough for our customers.

Mike C

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