So, bees then.

Amazing creatures – and they contribute so much to our environment. It has been said that if bees were ever to cease to exist, then the human race would also cease to exist shortly afterward.

So, I’m aware of bees and I’m aware of what they add to our environment.

I’m also aware of vegans.

Again vegans, amazing creatures – they also contribute so much to our environment. It has been said that if vegans were to cease to exist, then a party would be held shortly afterwards…

I joke, I joke.

I love a good vegan, between two slices of bread with some tomato sauce bit of salt and pepper.

Actually, the point I was trying to make before I started rambling. Have you ever been into a vegan store and asked if they sell honey….?

This is like going into Mothercare and asking if they sell children – you would get a similar reaction.

I was recently in my local vegan store and asked where they kept their honey – the entire store staff and customers stopped what they were doing and stared at me as if I were the devil himself.

The member of staff simply escorted me to the door by the scruff of my neck and threw me onto the pavement…. the words… ‘we…do NOT sell honey…we love bees’ …. echoed in my ears as i bounced off the tarmac.

So, I guess honey is bad.

Who knew??

Apparently, everyone but me….

Nutella then…?

Maybe I’m going to offend chipmunks by eating hazelnuts???

Mike C


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