Be Kind….

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Wednesday 22nd April 2020

My mum is 92 and she is still mobile and quick witted, she does the Times crossword every day and usually finishes it in a couple of hours (the cryptic one not the quick one).

None of her functions have been impaired by her age and she continues to be a picture of health. She’s stuck in like the rest of us, she can’t have her friends round and she can’t have a hug off her son …but she’s doing ok.

She has a fairly simple outlook on life and judges’ people by her simple code of … ‘are they kind’…

What she means by this is basically;

  • Do people check in with her
  • Do people phone her
  • Do people offer to shop or deliver food for her
  • Do people do things without being asked.

Pretty simple basic stuff.

I’ve suggested to her that when all this is over – we have a… ‘Kindness Party’ ….where all the people that have been kind to her get invited round and Mum can make sandwiches and tea and cakes and suchlike so she can say ‘thanks’.

Now my question to you is…

Have you been kind to anyone?

Doesn’t take much does it?


Mike C

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