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Autumn is here

Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Tuesday 20th October 2015

We’ve seen Japanese knotweed flourishing across the country with lush green heart shape leaves and small white flowers, it’s no wonder the Victorians were a fan.

The days are now beginning to shorten and the air is that little crisper in the morning. We can feel the changes in the season; autumn is here. It isn’t just us that can feel the change of season, Japanese knotweed is noticing too.

As we move into the cooler autumn months something is happening to Japanese knotweed as it prepares for the dormant period ahead. Energy that the plant has converted through photosynthesis is drawn down and stored deep in the rhizome system of the plant, ready for a growth spurt the following spring.

By applying folia herbicide treatment now we can hijack the plants own biological system to draw the chemical deep into the rhizome network. The translocation of herbicide deep into rhizome will have a big impact on the plant and its viability next year.

Don’t leave it till next year, start herbicide treatments now and get the plant to do the hard work for you.


Stuart Morris
Surveyor – JKSL

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