Insurance Backed Guarantees – Gaps in Provision

It’s frustrating that I end up speaking so often about insurance-backed guarantees (IBG), instead of being able to focus on the great work our teams do remediating Japanese knotweed and other invasive species on site and the progress we are making on integrated pest management and environmental goals. However, we have to accept that particularly […]

JKSL – Contractor of the Year 2022

On Thursday 14th July 2022, Japanese Knotweed Solutions Limited received the Property Care Association’s ‘Contractor of the Year’ award for the category of Invasive Weeds (large company) at the PCA’s glitzy annual awards event at the University of Warwick’s venue The Slate in Coventry. It was a great night and JKSL would like to extend […]

Amenity Standard

The Amenity Standard is a mark of trust for the amenity industry, to give members of the public peace of mind that amenity spaces are managed in line with best practice. The Amenity Standard covers contractors who work in parks, green spaces, roads and road verges, railways, airports and other critical infrastructure as well as […]

New Invasive Species Legislation

The Invasive Alien Species (Enforcement and Permitting) Order 2019 (“The Order”), which came into force on December 1st 2019 and applies in England and Wales, is part of the UK’s implementation of EU Regulation 1143/2014. The core of these regulations is the EU’s list of Invasive Alien Species of Union Concern (the Union List). The […]


Japanese knotweed is the poster child for invasive weeds in the UK. The tabloids and clickbait news will feed off any report, study or scare story. It is the scourge of property buyers and vendors, with mortgage lenders and surveyors flagging it as a serious issue and the government’s Science and Technology Committee has recently […]

The Nature of Nomenclature

So, you’re all highly-qualified horticulturalist and biologists, just like me, and looking forward to some technical discussion? Well, as it happens, I don’t even have a GCSE in biology (my teacher was … well, let’s say we didn’t see eye-to-eye…). I have come to the study of plants somewhat later in life than I might […]

HSE Workplace Fatality Statistics

First of all, when talking about health and safety at work, and particularly the sort of statistics referred to in this blog, it’s very important to remember that these are not just statistics – literally every case here represents a real and regrettable loss of life and a trauma to the family and friends of […]

Monsanto Verdict – Our verdict?

The verdict from the US trial centred on the potential cancer-causing properties of glyphosate is in – and the headlines seem to say it all: ‘Monsanto ordered to pay $289m as jury rules weedkiller caused man’s cancer’. But look a little deeper and it’s clear that the ramifications of this trial go much deeper. First […]

Swansea Japanese Knotweed Study – A Leap Forward in Understanding this Problem Plant?

I read with interest about the publication of a “major study” into the treatment of Japanese knotweed – then I read with some surprise that “Japanese knotweed can’t be eradicated”. I was particularly surprised, given that eradicating Japanese knotweed is what I do. Unfortunately, what I was reading wasn’t the results or the abstract of […]

Glyphosate – should we be using it?

Japanese Knotweed Removal

In recent news – at least if you read publications at the slightly sensationalist end of the spectrum – the “cancer-causing poison” glyphosate has had its licence renewed by the European Union in what is a blow for public health and a victory for amoral multinational corporations led by Lord Business, Crooked Hillary Clinton and […]