What is it that makes you get up in the morning? Is it the thought of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cornflakes or maybe toast with butter and honey?? Or…do you have a longer-term vision of what you are trying to achieve in the day??

I think targets are a great way of focusing on where you are trying to get to. I write endless lists of tasks that I hope to complete – these start with daily jobs, then weekly targets, then monthly aims – all the way up to a ten year plan, a retirement plan and ends with… whose coming to my funeral and who is barred … (you know who you are).

I’ve written about this before, but one of my most straight forward ways of challenging myself was my car chart. On the wall in my office toilet I had pictures of the cars that I aspired to, and when I should acquire said vehicle.  Once I had had purchased the vehicle it was ceremonially crossed off with a thick red felt tip pen to show – ambition achieved.

It gives you a target. It gives you an aim.

Surely with nothing to aim at – how are you ever going to hit anything? …

Nowadays however, much of what I considered aspirational is now deemed ‘materialistic’.

We are told that’s its bad to ‘want stuff’ and people that still chase and strive to get the next car or next watch/handbag etc. are seen as shallow and somehow ‘less fulfilled’ than those moon staring hippy types that just want love and peace for the world.

We are told that we should ‘opt out’ of the rat race and find solace in more ethereal things like …a nice flower or rain falling on sand. Cars are bad, they go fast and they pollute the environment and they kill people daily. Money is the root of all evil and chasing money is bad for you and will result in early death from stress. Work is also bad and will also result in premature death and taxes.

So…the brave new world that we face …in our identical electric f**king cars- is a bland, grey unexciting splodge of mediocrity where nobody strives to do anything but relax and chill out. Nobody does anything even remotely dangerous because it’s dangerous and everyone just relies on everybody else taking the strain.

I’m sure I’ve read about this world in a science fiction novel.

It’s the one where everyone just curls up and dies because they’re so goddamn bored.

Let’s get a reality check here people.

The rich folk are somehow stuffing all this crap down our throats because they don’t want you and I aspiring to the stuff they want. That’s because they want it all to themselves – so they encourage us to think that we are being clever identifying ‘materialism’ and making it a dirty word.

The Establishment wants us all brain washed and pliable so they can keep all the good stuff to themselves.

Fight back – get a Ferrari, buy that Rolex, invest in Gucci show them you still have the balls to want to rule the world from your yacht in the Caribbean ….

You’ve got to fight, for your right…to party.


Mike ‘beastie boy’ C


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