Ambulance chasers….

Warning – ambulance chasers ahead.

I’ve kinda seen this coming for ages so I can’t say I’m surprised.

Where there’s blame there’s a claim etc etc.

Solicitors who know nothing about Japanese knotweed or invasive species are now setting themselves up as authorities on the problem and offering to handle your claim. Knotweed Claims/knotweed legal/knotweed solicitor etc etc…

Really though?

Is this what you want? Don’t you just want your Japanese knotweed issues to be resolved without conflict and legal arguments…???

I’ve always said that with neighbour disputes – the best answer will always be to talk reasonably and politely with your adjacent property owners and resolve matters without the need for legal arguments.

It seems that this is not the world that we live in unfortunately and the rise of the ‘ambulance chasers’ will not help the situation.

The law is absolutely clear – if knotweed grows from an adjacent property into your land then you would win if a claim went to court. Simple as that. You don’t need a solicitor to advise you – you don’t need to issue a claim – you just need to tell your neighbour they will lose out big time if they don’t act.

Please don’t get involved with these scam artists – it’s just not necessary.

Mike C


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