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Author: Mike Clough

Date Posted: Tuesday 12th July 2016

Luckily Alex doesn’t read my blogs …or he would be embarrassed about what I’m about to write.

Alex Dayes… special in so many ways – (this could end up as a poem)

I’m now 55 – business owner, entrepreneur blah blah blah. I’m pretty experienced in the world of small to medium business ownership and management but have never met anyone who works quite as hard as Alex.

The reason for the blog is really to introduce him to anybody who hasn’t yet come across him and is looking for somebody to sort their site problems with invasive species. Alex is your man – I say this without the slightest hesitation. Well you would – I hear you say – he works for you.  Yes I suppose this is true .but my recommendation goes beyond this..

I’ve worked with some good people over the years but never anybody quite as ‘immersed’ as Alex is – he gives 100% to every client he works for. He gives so much it’s a little painful to watch at times as I know he will burn himself out if he carries on at the rate he goes at things.

Father to a young son and relatively recently married he would have his hands full even if he weren’t ‘managing’ Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd yet he manages to do both tasks whilst making it look relatively easy (I know there are one or two hiccups with family life but nothing he can’t handle)…

What’s blindingly brilliant about Alex is his honesty. There is no bullshit with Alex – ever.

NOTE – I’m embarrassed to say that I’m full of it …but I’m trying to be a better man – honest

What I first liked about him when I interviewed him still shines through (…even though he’s been working with me for over 8 years) – he’s basically just a straight, honest lad from Stockport who has done well for himself – but he’s done well for himself without compromising his integrity. He still values his word and is genuinely upset if ever somebody shakes his hand then reneges on a deal. I’m still a bit anal about getting people to sign contracts …having been shafted once or twice by people that shake your hand whilst stabbing you in the back.

He is competitive and will want to win projects – but not at any cost. He will provide the best price and the most competitive price but will not lower his (or the companies) standards – if needs be he will walk away from a project if he feels the client is being mislead by another contractor.

I have never seen anybody with such a work ethic – I can safely say I have never known anybody who goes to the lengths he does.

He is a winner – and anybody that gets him on their project should consider themselves lucky to have him on their side.

Mike C

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