Aims and ambitions….

Aims and Ambitions

Somebody far richer and cleverer than me asked me the other day… ‘what are your aims and ambitions??’…and I’ve been struggling with it ever since. I’m struggling mainly because I’m thinking that maybe because I don’t think of these type of questions – this could be the reason that I not a millionaire yet?

Maybe instead of getting up everyday and thinking …’thank god I’m still alive’…I should actually be thinking…. ‘hmmmm what are my aims for today… and how can I realise my ambitions?’

Maybe instead of thinking …’phew, made it through another week’ ….I should be thinking a little longer term?

What could I achieve this month, this quarter, this year….this decade…what could I do with my life!’

So you will be seeing a new Mike Clough in the coming weeks and months. No longer the shallow, materialistic, loud mouthed oaf …but a more dignified thoughtful man… perhaps influenced by zen and a little Buddhism. ‘Karma’ shall be my new key word – I will no longer feel the need to cause my enemies pain or to take umbrage against those that wrong me – for I shall be calm in the knowledge that karma will sort these type of problems for me.

As for my aims and ambitions – I think I’ve achieved most of what I set out to do thirty odd years ago when I first set up in business. I’ve bought the house, had the cars, paid for my kids education and generally done pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do. I’ve made a bit of a difference in the world and hopefully raised the profile of the invasive weed industry.

On the downside – I haven’t had many holidays and that’s a bit of a bugbear with Mrs C – but in my defense I’ve never been that bothered about sitting on a beach or wandering around churches and relics in foreign lands…I’d rather be at work.

Things left to do …?

Well maybe some sort of final flurry of activity would be nice? Maybe a book deal ….and a short but successful series on the BBC? Maybe a blog that goes viral….

I think maybe a dignified slowing down towards the end of my working life would be nice? Maybe four days a week, then three, then two, then just an occasional speaking engagement….?

Maybe seeing the kids established and secure – that’s something I could aim to resolve in the next five or six years.

So the next time somebody asks me what my ‘aims and ambitions’ are I can actually come up with an answer – and sound like I’ve been working to some great master-plan – and not just getting up each day and being surprised to still be here.


Mike C


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