Who actually runs the business??

Who actually runs the business??

Think about all the places you go, all the places you eat, shop, buy a car, hotels that you stay in etc etc

Then think about the people that you actually touch base with – who is it that you actually think of…?

I bet it’s not the business owner  that you’re picturing…?


If I go to Stratstone in Wilmslow I see Alan….

The Lowry Hotel in Manchester its Billy….

River Restaurant its Husein…

Royal Park Hotel in London its Ronnie….

Aston Martin service its Keith….

The Peacock in Rowsley its Laura….

Jones Opticians its Kathryn….

RR in London its Giulio…


None of these people ‘own’ the establishments that they work in – yet they are the heart and soul of the business and the main reason that I go back to these places.

Yet….dear reader…they all have one thing in common – they are all undervalued…and generally all underpaid…

Each of the people above has in their own way gone above and beyond any service level required by their employer – and each one has gained my trust and friendship – yet their employers seem oblivious to the quality of their in house staff…?

What’s going on in the world?

Is it the demon …profit?

The dark and dangerous world of …’margin’…

Surely to goodness somebody should appreciate the skills of people who have grown up with a product?

Car dealerships should realise that the old guy in service who knows e very problem that a particular car has…is actually worth his weight in gold? No ‘wet behind the ears’ graduate will know that the knocking sound in a 911 is actually the ash tray that comes loose above 96mph.

Having somebody young and inexperienced on the service counter at Audi telling you to … ‘not press too hard on the brakes …in case they warp’ – is not going to do much for car sales.

Keeping the old guy on the front door of a hotel who knows your name and carries your bag – again worth his weight in gold.

The restaurant that knows what food you like, the barman that says ‘the usual sir’, the guy that rings you when the XXL shirts are in stock ….TOTALLY IN-F**KING-VALUABLE…

So this is a shout out for the little guys, the people that slip under the radar ….yet hold our world together.

Let’s just pay everybody more….sod the expense.


Mike C


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