7 not 2

So, you’re all in a hump about having to stay 2 metres apart from people?

Imagine if you lived in the world of Japanese knotweed, where 7 metres social distancing is required? Japanese knotweed spreads to a potential 7 metres beyond its surface growth and can often exceed these figures. Keeping a safe distance involves staying further away than a measly 2 metres. It would certainly curtail any conversations you might be having…. well, certainly any private conversations. You can’t really discuss your intimate issues when shouting at somebody 7 metres away can you?.. ‘…. yes, I’ve got a rash on my…’

So, you’re in a hump about wearing a little face covering?

When you’re dealing with Japanese knotweed you’re wearing a hazmat suit, eye protection, gloves, wellies ….etc

Worried about house prices during the pandemic?

Properties impacted by Japanese knotweed can drop in value by as much as 50%.

Worried about your social life?

Having Japanese knotweed is as popular as a sexually transmitted disease. Nobody’s coming to your house until you’ve taken the full cure or chopped it off.

I’m just saying ….

It could be worse.

Mind you …you could have Japanese knotweed and Coronavirus ????????


Mike C


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