Think like a Dog

I’m beginning to think that my dog has life sussed.

She has food, water, treats, a variety of comfy beds, an open fire to relax in front of…and two servants to grant her every wish……what more could a dog want?

It’s got me to thinking that maybe we should all be thinking the same way.

When she’s tired she just falls asleep.

When she wants food, her bowl is always full.

Water always available.

Treats to chew on, toys to play with …even a weasel to hump (don’t ask)

…. but I got to tell you – she’s pretty damn happy. She’s not moping around, worrying about the end of the world. She’s not watching the news or reading the paper and wondering where it’s all going to end.

She wakes up every morning like it’s ….THE BEST DAY ….EVER…

She rolls on her back and gets me to rub her tummy like it’s the first time she’s ever had a tummy rub.

She runs out for a wee – whilst also clearing the garden of pheasants and squirrels.

She eats her breakfast and savours every mouthful ….then she jumps around till I agree to play with her for at least an hour.

Walking for her is just the best treat ever and she loves meeting new people daily.

It’s a pretty damn simple life …but she just puts so much into every moment that she’s awake.

I’m convinced that during these emotionally draining times – dogs are showing us the answer – chill out, relax, stay warm, stay safe ….maybe don’t ask for tooo much ….

…and maybe just poop whenever and wherever you feel the urge   ….and get somebody else to clear up your mess ????‍♂️????


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