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Japanese knotweed – Everything You Need to Know in 2019

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Date Posted: Monday 29th November 2021


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What is the scale of Japanese knotweed in the UK?

Japanese knotweed may have appeared a visually attractive plant when it first arrived in the UK, but it has actually had a really ugly impact on the nation over recent years. The fact that it is such a robust weed has allowed it to take a real hold on many areas around the country, taking root in fields, gardens and possibly even infringing on homes.

Recent reports in national newspaper The Independent estimated that Japanese knotweed had ‘affected over 900,000 UK homes’ and ‘wiped somewhere in the region of £20bn from the UK housing market’ which gives you a glimpse of the sort of negative impact it has had. It also plays havoc with commercial developments – including most notably the 2012 Olympic site in London – with the ability to add major costs and delays.


What are the legal impacts of Japanese knotweed?

There are a range of different legalities with regards to both the presence and spread of Japanese knotweed on your domestic or commercial site. Over on the government website, it informs UK residents that you could be fined up to £5,000 and/or jailed for up to 2 years if you allow contaminated soil or Japanese knotweed plant materials to spread into the wild.

This is something worth making note of, if you are thinking of treating the weed yourself, as Japanese knotweed is a highly robust weed which can regrow from even the smallest root fragments. As well as being a concern for possible regrowth on your site, it is also a huge contamination risk if you try to cut down and dispose of the weed yourself, so it is always worth consulting with an expert.

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How do you identify Japanese knotweed?

There are a variety of different characteristics that can help you to identify Japanese knotweed. Some are present throughout the year, others depend on seasonal changes. In summary, the main features for identification of Japanese knotweed include:

– bright green, shovel-shaped leaves

– leaves grow from the stem, in a zig-zag pattern

– pronounced veins, with a red or deep pink stalk

– leaves grow up to 120mm long (other knotweeds reach 400mm)

While these details are useful for identifying the presence of Japanese knotweed at your location, you may still not be sure whether the weed you are looking at is Japanese knotweed. This is why it is always useful to enlist the services of an expert in Japanese knotweed identification to get final confirmation.

In addition to the expert Japanese knotweed service being able to identify if – and where – Japanese knotweed is across your site. Here at JKSL, we can offer an initial identification by looking at a photo of the suspected knotweed if you send one in, with a full site identification then able to take place in person, at which point we can recommend a personalised removal package to suit the needs of your site.

Find more detailed information on identifying Japanese knotweed.

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How do you remove Japanese knotweed?

When it comes to finding the ideal treatment and removal for your Japanese knotweed, it very much depends on the future plans for the site and the placement of the plant. It is particularly sensitive if the knotweed is in the vicinity of a water supply such as a river or stream.

There are several key treatments that can be implemented, with each of them offering different strengths. Some of the most common treatments in place include:

– Excavation (followed by either burial or removal to licensed landfill)

– Chemical Treatment (we’ll recommend the best type for your site)

– MeshTech (our own environmentally-conscious removal method)

In terms of selecting the exact best option for your site, it will come down to our removal experts assessing your site and determining your personalised removal package. We’re happy to speak in more detail about our range of removal options.

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How reliable is Japanese knotweed removal?

Should you take on the services of a trusted Japanese knotweed removal expert, then the chances of you fully removing your knotweed issue are actually very strong. In fact, at JKSL we offer a 100% removal guarantee, with a range of insurance-backed warranty options to ensure that you are protected against any recurrence of the knotweed for years into the future.

How do I find a Japanese knotweed removal expert?

There are a variety of ways to select your ideal Japanese knotweed removal expert.

Price is of course one factor, although it is worth remembering that if going for the cheapest service means compromising on the quality of the removal you receive, it could actually cost more in the long run.

Qualification is another key feature; you should definitely ensure that all of the removal professionals operating on your site are fully qualified to do so, offer a wealth of experience in successful removal and are members of the industry trade bodies.

Warranty options are also a key element, allowing you to move forward knowing that your site is protected for the long-term and you can move forward with any property development/purchase/sale with confidence.


If you want to speak to any of our team in more detail about our range of options for Japanese knotweed identification and removal, we’d be happy to discuss our services today. Our experts here at JKSL are available by phone on 0161 723 2000 or email on [email protected], with further details on our regional offices available here.


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