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Chemical Removal

The most cost effective eradication method is a programme of chemical treatment. JKSL offer a robust strategy of chemical treatments, using chemicals and methods approved by the Environment Agency & SEPA, overseen by their BASIS qualified practitioner.

All chemical application operatives are trained to the highest NPTC standards demanded by strict UK regulations and monitored by the Company’s stringent quality control procedures.
When considering a chemical treatment, the environmental sensitivity of the site must be taken into consideration when selecting chemicals.

Combining more than 15 years of experience with cutting edge capabilities:

Types of Chemicals

RESIDUAL CHEMICALS Residual chemicals create a barrier within the soil which can remain for up to 2 years. The herbicide used is a broad leaved killer and is capable of killing Japanese Knotweed within one season. These chemicals are NOT approved for use near to water or in environmentally sensitive areas.

NON-RESIDUAL CHEMICALS The only herbicide approved for use near water is Glyphosate. A WQM1 form must be submitted to the Environment Agency if this herbicide treatment is required within 5m of an open water course. Eradication with Glyphosate will require repeat applications over a 3 to 5 year period.

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