Dog Training

Author: WaW_admin

Date Posted: Wednesday 17th March 2021

Just thought I would drop in an update on the dog.

Training is going well.

I wake up about 7/7.30 am. My dog, however, doesn’t wake up till about 8.30, so must have tummy rubs for an hour or so before she deems it time to move.

Treats must be given in the morning, first a mini chicken chew, then breakfast …this must be in the correct order.

She then picks her outfit for the day.

Walk will be when Lilly decides it’s time to leave the comfort of the radiator and will only occur if it’s not toooo cold or raining.

We will then walk wherever she wants to walk.

Afternoon nap will be in dads arms whilst he tries to work and may consist of several farts and some serious stretching and pushing over the laptop.

Pooping is generally about 3/3.30 after which she will scornfully watch me bag and bin the offending poop then wander off to chew on any plant that has the temerity to grow in her vicinity.

Tea will be exactly at 5pm – any later and all hell erupts.

Mum and dad will be allowed on the sofa but only after ensuring that every treat that she owns is placed on the settee in the correct position.

All good then.

I am doing this right aren’t I…..???


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