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Road Improvement Scheme, Manchester

Strategy Overview: Excavation and removal of Japanese rose.

Survey work was completed by Jonathan Harris who produced an appropriate remediation strategy that would allow the road improvement scheme to proceed without delay.

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What We Did

An initial exploratory dig was undertaken to determine makeup of ground and obtain soil samples to test at a certified laboratory to facilitate disposal of the Japanese rose impacted materials at an appropriate licence facility.

To minimise overall disposal costs, materials were segregated into different waste streams including the clearance and segregation of vegetation surface growth, concrete boulders, tree stumps, Japanese rose surface growth and rubbish for onward disposal or recycling (where applicable).

Finally, the excavated Japanese rose impacted materials were removed via grab wagon for onward disposal at an appropriate licenced facility.

With the works being situated in the central reservation of a highway, safe digging practices were implemented around buried services in line with HSG47.

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