Private Garden, Chester

Value: £3.5K

Strategy Overview:

A concerned homeowner appointed JKSL to undertake a Japanese knotweed survey as he was experiencing problems in selling his property. Due to the close proximity of Japanese knotweed to the house the potential buyer was unable to gain a mortgage.

New shoots breaking through
Knotweed penetrating through the concrete

Natalie Roberts carried out the survey to determine the full extent of Japanese knotweed within the property boundary and surrounding area; findings highlighted that the infestation extended beyond the property within the neighbouring garden. 

Chemical treatment was the preferred option for the site, a glyphosate based herbicide was selected as it could be directly injected into the stem of the plant therefore reducing the impact on surrounding vegetation. On recommendation of JKSL, our client purchased a 5 year warranty which included an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) for the property. With a treatment plan, warranty and IBG in place, the requirements of the buyer’s lender were satisfied allowing the sale to progress smoothly.