Power Station, Carrington

Strategy Overview: Site Clearance and remediation

JKSL were appointed by a long standing client to remediate the mature Japanese knotweed infestation and clear all site vegetation in a new section of land next to their main development site in Carrington.

What we did

The site vegetation clearance works included the felling of all trees and shrubs on site. All logs were removed for biomass or firewood with the chippings being left on site throughout the working area. The smaller vegetation such as dense brambles, small sampling and grass sward was flailed using an adapted bespoke machine. JKSL also ground out all stumps where possible to leave the site level ready for the next contractor.

All works were undertaken with a three week period by our site teams to ensure that the land was freed up for re-development as part of the main scheme.

image2 | Japanese knotweed | JKSL image3 | Japanese knotweed | JKSL