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Oldham WWT

Value: £72k

Strategy Overview: Mechanical remediation

Dayes completed a Japanese knotweed survey of the site on behalf of the client, producing AutoCAD drawings and a bespoke remediation strategy for the site which would allow the development to proceed uninhibited by the vast Japanese knotweed infestations.

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What we did

The remediation strategy and costings were used by the client in their successful tender submission and as a result JKSL were appointed to undertake the works summer 2015.

Due to the vast scale of the site, the recommended strategy was to excavate the mature infestations and relocate them to an area of the site which wasn’t being developed.

A series of former concrete sludge beds were chosen as the ideal location for the excavated material as they could be securely fenced off during the complicated construction process, without the risk off cross-contamination occurring.

The works undertaken were intricate due to the large number of underground/overhead services and the daily operational nature of the site.

As always, Health and Safety was paramount to both businesses and we ensured that the works were undertaken to the highest possible industry standard.

A 5 year warranty will allow JKSL to monitor the infestation and administer a Glyphosate based herbicide to any re-growth which occurs over the sites 5 year warranty period.

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