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Local Authority, Heaton Fold

Strategy Overview: Chemical Remediation

The local council contacted JKSL to quote for the treatment of large areas of Japanese knotweed, growing on council owned land in Bolton. Stuart Morris attended site to meet with the councils Trees and Assets Officer to calculate the area of the infestation and discuss treatment options.

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What we did

Mature stands were present on site and on adjoining Network Rail land. In addition to these mature stands, cross contamination had occurred during the construction of a new bridge which had generated numerous young plants which also required treatment. Glyphosate was selected as the most appropriate herbicide due to the presence of other vegetation in the area. The density of the stands meant spray channels were required to be cut in order to access all of the plants. With spray channels in place our site operatives had access to all of the foliage maximising the amount chemical which could be applied to the plant.

The site was treated September 2015, this was the initial treatment in a 5 year spray program to ensure complete eradication of Japanese knotweed on the site.

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