Bank Holiday Madness May 3, 2023

I’m sorry …but I could do without all these bank holidays.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the country just beginning to haul itself back to its feet after the pandemic fiasco? Aren’t we just hanging on by our fingernails to avoid going into recession?

So, some royal smart arse thinks it’s a good idea to have an extra day off when we’re already struggling to get projects finished and invoices out of the door in the days we’ve got left.

From what I’m seeing people aren’t thinking ‘Oh great we can spend the day watching the Coronation’. They’re all thinking ‘If I plan my days right, I can go away on holiday and get two weeks off …but not use up all my holiday entitlement.’

So not only can we not get any work done but we also can’t get any decision makers to send out instructions because they’re all away on annual leave.

I read that Charles is now wealthier than his mother. An article last week suggested that Charles had been squirreling away some money from his Duchy of Cornwall project and that he hasn’t made huge amounts of money, just a few ‘Tens of millions’. How insulting is this to hard working people all over the country struggling to pay the gas bill?

Why not pay for everyone to have the day off then Charles? Why are you putting your hand in my pocket and getting me to fund your royal nonsense?

I am sick to death with all of it.

Sorry if I upset any royal lovers but what a load of crap.

Let’s just get to work and stop encouraging this elitist rubbish.


Mike C