Work in Progress April 5, 2023

As we approach our 35th wedding anniversary (and some 40 years of being a couple) my wife still considers me a ‘work in progress’.

She considers that she has trained me in matters pertaining to:

Dish washer etiquette – correct loading and spacing.

Cooking – by the time the meal is prepared all utensils used will have been washed and put away.

Bathroom skills – no drops of water shall be found on the sink.

Driving – 30 mph is the limit no matter what road you’re on.

Financial matters – what I earn is ours, what she earns is hers.

All things diet related – just say no to everything nice.

Alcohol – just say no to everything.

Dressing – grow up.

Dog training – stop treating the dog like your best mate.

Sexual behaviour – just say no to anything nice.

Child rearing  – leave it to my wife.

Exercise – everyday everywhere all at once.

Etc. etc.


What have I learned from the last 40 years….?

Well …on my wedding day my father-in-law said to me… ‘Get out now lad …whilst you still can’.

Now I’m not saying he was right …but there was a lot of truth on what he said. My wife is very much like my mother-in-law, quite petite in stature but bloody hell don’t ever cross either of them. I always say about my wife – ‘she’s 5’1” but she’s the only thing I’m scared of’…

I would go so far as to say that our recent ‘near divorce’ was only averted when she realised that any new man in her life would require the same sort of management input ….and worse still …some other woman might benefit from her part trained ex-husband.

So, here’s to the next 35 years and hoping that she never starts reading this blog.


Love you babe.


Mike C