I Like Aural June 15, 2022

I watched the new Batman last night and was quite taken with his car – a souped-up Dodge Charger.

There’s a great scene (no spoilers here) where he’s in the car gunning the engine – flames coming out of the exhaust …he’s in a stand-off with the Penguin.

Great images, great sound, great cinema …very tense moment.

After the film finished, I had a thought.

How would this work with electric cars? He sits in the car …guns his engine ….no sound…battery runs out.

Then I got to thinking about all the films with great movie chases.

How would they work with electric cars.

The Fast and the Furious …renamed… The Slow and the Mundane.

Steve McQueen in Bullitt – just wouldn’t be the same with the V8 soundtrack.

Mad Max driving the ‘last of the V8 Chargers’ looking for fuel – not the same if he’s just desperately searching for a plug socket ….

Bond movies….Aston Martins and Jags all without any sound ….the chase scenes just won’t work.

The Italian Job – using milk floats.

Blues Brothers – in a Prius.


Just saying – we’re looking at a whole new movie experience ….yawn.


Mike C