And so this is Christmas….and what have we done? December 22, 2021

Well, every year I try and write a little summary of what we’ve learnt in the past twelve months, what we’ve achieved and maybe what we’re aiming to do in the coming year.

What have we learnt? Well, I guess we’ve learned that life and business is pretty fragile. It doesn’t take much to knock one off course with one’s targets and ambitions. I’ve gone from wanting to take over the world and shout about my business dealing with invasive species ….to …just wanting to get through the next few weeks and get to Christmas.

Health is vital (duuh obviously) but it’s not until you’re poorly that you ever stop and give thanks for being fit and able to do the things that you want to do.

At the start of the Covid fiasco I was strongly in the camp of – ‘this is all a storm on a tea cup…’ I didn’t think that lockdown was a good idea, and I didn’t feel that the world was coming to and end. My thoughts were that this was a type of flu and the world simply had to just get on with life and accept that we would all have a few days off work and feel a bit under the weather.

However, if you’d asked me last week how I was feeling about the whole global pandemic I would’ve strongly sided with the whole ‘apocalypse’ movement. I just did not feel that I was getting any better and I felt that I had forgotten what it was like to feel ‘normal’.

I was in a very dark place – but this was mainly due to being too ill to get up and turn the lights on.

Every movement was an effort, even holding a mobile phone to my ear required a major exertion of energy. Getting off the settee was like climbing Everest and the thought of walking the dog wasn’t a thought I couldn’t even consider.

So, my Christmas message would be to those that are thinking Covid is nothing to worry about. Take it seriously folks, it’s been the most unpleasant three weeks of my life and I do not recommend it to anybody.

Wear your mask, wash your hands …and be very cautious.

Get the jabs, get the booster and try to stay off the NHS casualty departments list of attendees.

Don’t listen to Boris he’s got far too many hidden agendas.

Use your common sense, there’s a disease out there that’s making people very ill – so try and avoid getting it.

Mike C – recovering slowly.

NB: This photo was taken in 2018, JKSL were already practicing safe mask wearing.