Adrenaline June 23, 2021

How do you get that buzz of adrenaline that makes you feel alive?

Is it by doing something a little ‘risky’…?

But in this age of health and safety… how can you get that ‘buzz’…. when nowadays anything even remotely risky …is banned.

I like driving fast.

There I’ve said it …arrest me.

When I say I like driving fast – I don’t mean doing 40mph in a 30mph ….I mean on quiet roads that I know well …I may exceed the newly lowered speed limits. It gives me a bit of excitement and ‘yes’ I do get a buzz of adrenaline from doing it. Man and machine in harmony driving on winding roads and getting the most out of the experience. I enjoy it.

However – I recently picked up 6 points and a huge fine for doing this on a quiet day with nobody else on the road.

This got me to thinking – the human body needs to have a release. We need to have a bit of danger in our lives to keep the blood flowing and to make us feel good about being alive.

Where can we get this without upsetting the powers that be?

Eating and drinking too much – frowned upon.

Drugs – illegal.

Sex – you need to be very careful how you go about this.

Television – all censored.

Maybe you could do a bit of illicit shopping on line and spend a bit too much ????

….nope you can’t do that because Klarna will step in and let you pay over months and months of minimum payments …where’s the danger in that …????

Sooooo…we’re all wrapped in cotton wool and bubble wrap and stamped on of we ever step out of societies gilded cage that we’re all locked in.

I see trouble ahead.

Without some form of release …we’re all due for a meltdown.

Mike C